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Guild still exists and is recruiting

by Sarda The Sage, 201 days ago

Hello, World!

Just a quick update since people do still manage to find this site via Google.  This website is, unfortunately, defunct at the moment, but we do still have a few active members in-game and I'm looking to grow that number.  Message Sarda The Sage.8170 for a guild invite - I'm online almost every weeknight evening (PST) and sporadically on the weekends.  Feel free to apply to join the website, but I can't guarantee that anyone will see your application unless you message me in-game.

See you in Tyria!


Also, I just went through and accepted all the pending guild applications... so if you just got pinged by this and were wondering wtf is going on because you applied over a year ago... yeah, sorry about that.

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About Greater Brony Alliance

A Brony, (My Little Pony, FIM) Guild, open to all who come for a fun and easy going group that support the ideals of the show.

You don't have to watch the show to join, you don't have to know a thing about My Little Pony. Just try to look up to these virtues (you don't have to be a paragon).


Help all players in the guild and outside it, but don't coddle or prevent players from reaching their true potential.



Always strive to have fun while playing. Do not look to anger or cause hate within or outside of the guild. 



Be clear on your intentions, and be true about how you feel or what you need to say. 


Please share if able. Provide for members of the guild who truly need gear, don't keep it "just in case."


Help the Guild grow and stay strong, and we will always be there to help you. We'll be with you as long as you stand with us.





Look to find new friends across the world, not just in the guild alone. Strive to promote converstion and collaboration everywhere, and respect everyone.




These aren't laws, or even guidelines. They're virtues to look up to, and "breaking" them won't get you banned.



  • There is no "no swearing" policy. Vulgarity is fun and hilarious, but please keep it to a regulated level.
  • We play all: PvP, PvE and WvW. Have fun and please respect all guilds and players across the servers.
  • Contact me at, 20perCoolerGameslive@gmail.com or Bermudanin@gmail.com for more questions and info.
  • You will never be turned down for membership, but we'll remove you from the guild if you somehow manage to annoy everyone else (highly unlikely!).
  • Officer status will be awarded based on a personal basis; in other words, get to know our officers!

Willing to join any Alliance.

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